The Chatwani's

The Chatwani Family have owned and operated hotels since 1983. Their first venture into the industry was the conversion of a Barclay’s Bank residential training center into what is today the Mercure London Bloomsbury. Today the Chatwani Family privately own and manage Fairview Hotels, comprising twelve hotels and one standalone conference and banqueting venue.

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The Chatwani brothers are also directors of the business Davis and Dann, one of the leading importers and distributors of FMCG products across the globe.

an image of Satish Chatwani

Satish Chatwani

The Chatwani family, led by Satish Chatwani, run the Ruislip-based hotel to nursing home operation. He trained as an accountant but was barred from returning to Uganda by Idi Amin in 1973. He built up an accountancy practice before moving into hotels. In 1989, he took over Copson, a quoted builders' merchant as a shell company.

an image of Rashmi Chatwani

Rashmi Chatwani

Rashmi Chatwani has been the Managing Director of Davis and Dann Limited for over 30 years. Speicalising in the FMCG market, Davis and Dann has established itself as one of the leading importers and distributors of fast moving consumer goods across the world.

an image of Jawahar Chatwani

Jawahar Chatwani

Jawahar Chatwani is the Director of the Vallabh Youth Organization, a platform where youth’s ideology can be enhanced with spirituality by the blessings of Pujya Goswami 108 Shri Vrajrajkumarji Mahodayshri.

an image of Bhasker Tailor

Bhasker Tailor

Bhasker Tailor attended Middlesex University for 3 years and recieved a BA with Honours in Accounting and Finance. He then move on to enjoy 11 years with Blease Lloyd Chartered Accountants as an Audit Manager. From this Bhasker moved on to become the Company Secretary and Finance Director of Fairview Hotels.

an image of Rakesh Tailor

Rakesh Tailor

Rakesh Tailor has been a Director of Euro Ceuticals Limited since 1993. More recently, he became a Director of Chatwani LLP which is based out of the head office of Kanta Enterprises, Kanta House in South Ruislip.

an image of The Chatwani

The Chatwani's

The Chatwani's are a family of three brothers who run a portfolio of companies, most notably Davis and Dann, Kanta Enterprises and Fairview Hotels and Healthcare.

an image of Davis and Dann

Davis and Dann limited

Davis and Dann was formed in 1965 with a focus on bringing FMCG to markets across the world. With an initial interest in European markets, their expansion has taken them across the globe. Today, they have distribution networks across Europe, Africa, America and Asia. In 1983, Davis and Dann was acquired by the Kanta Enterprises Group, founded and privately run by the Chatwani Brothers. The Kanta Group has business interests across a spectrum of activities including the Fairview Hotels & HealthCare Group.

an image of Kanta Enterprises

Kanta Enterprises limited

Kanta Enterprises Limited is an Information Technology and Services company located in Kanta House in South Ruislip.

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Fairview hotels and healthcare limited

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